Who we are ?

Zepa Natural is the range of natural products (milk, its by-products and fruit juices) produced by AGS Ltd. Zepa Natyral brings to the market domestic production with quality, standard and high food safety.

Our Journey

  • Brand Creation

    Zepa was launched into the market

  • Opened

    Zepa Shop Premium (Rr Beqir Luga nr.3)
    November 2017

  • Opened

    Zepa Shop Premium (Stadiumi Dinamo)
    January 2018

  • Distributor

    in all supermarket networks
    May 2018

  • Success

    Zepa Natyral Confirmed Brand

Production Factory

Farm – Milk is collected in Lezha and Shkodra areas in selected and standardized farms in accordance with European requirements for animal nutrition, growth and milking.

Transport –  Made by the company with special tools equipped with isothermal inox, providing a stable temperature throughout its transportation. Means of transport are also certified for their sanitary hygiene conditions.

Acceptance –  Control of the raw material is performed for each milk party according to the standards of acceptance parameters. The quality seal of the chemical and microbiological parameters for the acceptance of milk is given in the laboratory only after analyzing over 20 elements of milk safety.

Processing – Pasteurization and sterilization are the two most important stages in which the milk is thermally treated not only by increasing its lifespan and its naturalness but also by providing a microbiological safe product. Thanks to Tetra Pak’s innovative in-plant technology, Zepa Natyral offers 100% secure and quality products at your tables.

Packing –  Milk filling in aseptic and automatic conditions in Tetra Pak format provides maximum safety for family and social health.

Distribution – Based on the standardized protocol for the maturity and the final certification of the product is given the documentary authorization for its release into the market. Zepa Natural Products are found throughout the supermarket network in Albania.

Certifications – All Zepa Natural products are manufactured according to international standards of food safety and quality such as:

  • FSCC 22000
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 18001


Food Safety Management System
Hygienic Autocontrol Management System
Certification of Halal Products
Quality Management System
Environmental Management System
Food Safety Management System
Occupational Health and Safety Management System